Amply sansui 9090db

The Sansui DB is a beautiful receiver. It features watts per channel into 8 ohms and has a frequency response of 20 to 20, Hz. The Sansui DB is one of the more highly sought after classic receivers. Just got one and it is a beautiful best One of the top receivers and the sound is very clear. The FM tuner pulls in stations like no other. It does not require an aux antenna. I have Pioneer, Kenwood and Sansui tuners and they all require an antenna.

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My dad purchased his new DB in It is away right now getting some much needed service — the first it has seen. I have a cheap replacement receiver in its place and it just makes me miss the sound that much more.

I am already looking for another one for the upstairs computer room. I rebuild stereo gear in Pueblo, CO. I just serviced a db and am ready and capable to another. Can anyone help me? That would be perfect and would make my live great again, because i have no substitute for this great sounding receiver…. Japanese equipment of this vintage were often far superior to American gear — because they had to be to get noticed.

Sansui perfected the fine art of very tight speaker control,its easy to shove power out and move a speaker cone but its hard to stop it quickly and control all its movements. The DB does this very well and my G and G does it even better. I have never heard a better receiver than the Sansui,its got it all!

Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. What makes a Sansui great vs say Pioneer or Mcintosh.

I own a DB but it needs some repair. Where can I take it in Illinois to get it fixed? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Unreliable diodes can open, and then entire amp section is toast.

Open and look at amp boards, mounted vertically at rear between the 4 big round power supply caps. If they say Fthat's bad. Warranty replacement was F All well if you see those.

F s can be modded to replace diodes. Hi Don- thanks for the heads up. I have a as well and have not had a problem, but I assume it has the same fault. How much do you think a shop would charge for the diode change? Are you sure, I heard it was only a problem on the first units out of the factory which they later addressed. Will, your Sansui is going to need a thorough diagnostic and probably a repair that might cost more than the unit is worth. Suggest calling local electronic repair places near you and ask them if they are familiar with vintage solid state units like yours.

At least pay for the diagnostic - it's worth getting looked at. Best of luck and chime in if you find out anything. I still have my in closet with, you guessed it, bad board. Has been fixed twice but blew it again. Friday, May 8, Receiver - Sansui I removed the case for cleaning just prior to powering it up and taking these photos. A little wasted effort as you'll read below.

What happened to the days when stereos were considered furniture?Discussion in ' Exclusively Sansui ' started by Rod57Apr 22, Log in or Sign up. Messages: 57 Location: Mountains of western Maine. Hello; This is my first post here, I'm kinda semi-retired and have been getting the old stereo stuff out thats been packed away for many years.

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The Dual is finally working right, just a couple drops of oil. Sunday we answered an add on "The radio flee market" and got a very nice pair of SPs they sound good, must be lucky from what I read here.

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Now I'm looking to upgrade the amp. I fell in love with the Sansui line back in the very early 70s when I had no money the wife says I still have none. In any case I've been watching that e-bay thing makes it too easy to spend and I'm ready for better sound.

So here's the question: How much better, or maybewhat's the difference between the and the DB when considering what I listen to? Last edited: Apr 22, Rod57Apr 22, Messages: 3, Location: Livonia, MI.

I own the and like it, but it needed some help from one of the forum members here to sound it's best. That said, either unit should do the trick with the SP 's, which are pretty efficient speakers if memory serves.

The is built well, but the conventional wisdom here on the board is that the power supply caps are less than what is desirable this issue was corrected on my by a member of the forum: Echowars. The db is built a bit beefier, but the dolby circuit has been known to become troublesome over time.

You might do a forum search for more info on what member's experiences are with both units. My trouble is once I get an idea I get in too much of a hurry. Hi Rod, welcome to AudioKarma.

The vs DB debate has been going on for a very long time. There are lots of threads covering this topic. Use the search function at the top of the page and be prepared to spend days sifting through the posts. They are both great sounding receivers but design wise they are very different.

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Don't let the similar appearance and names fool you. My recommendation would be to look for the best deal on a unit close enough to you that you can pick it up. LBPeteApr 22, Seems that some this one, and others like the other.

I don't have any electronic background, I'm good with a soldering gun iron IF I know what to replace but someone would have to tell me what. Can't seem to see the electrons moving. Messages: 12, Location: Near Lafayette, Indiana. Look for the G instead. Messages: Location: toronto canada. Kptn HowdieApr 22, Messages: 1, Location: DC Metropolitan. I am fortunate to own both the and the DB, I prefer the DB, it has a fuller sound than thethough it is not far behind.Newbie to this forum. Thanks for opportunity to post.

I'm the original owner of a Sansui GDB purchased inconsidered by many to be among the finest of all vintage Japanese receivers. For several reasons size, care, maintenance, age, etc. I've gotten feedback from vintage gear fans stating that nothing would come close to this sonically speaking without spending multi-thousands of dollars, whereas others say technological advancements would result in a low budget replacement by this forum's standards sounding far better.

I curious as to your collective feedback on a prospective course of action. On of the biggest obstacles that people face when auditioning new equipment after using the same piece of gear for so long is that they use they unconsciously use the sound of their old gear as a reference point instead of live instruments in real space. This causes great frustration because nothing new "sounds" like that old favorite.

However, many times that old favorite sounds nothing like real instruments in real space which should be the bench mark of high end audio. In short don't use the sound of 30 year old components as a reference point when auditioning new gear.

Amply Sansui 9090

An example of this outside audio is vintage sports cars. Those cars sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. For example there are probably less than 10 speakers that are over 25 years old that are in modern terms neutral sounding. Most old speakers, even if they were highly regarded in their day are colored-sounding junk by today's standards. Much of the draw in vintage audio gear is the same as vintage cars.

It's the romance and the nostalgia of it. One of the only categories to be an exception is vintage analog FM tuners which are far, far superior to todays quartz-lock loop "digital" tuners.

I'm sure that there will be some that disagree with me and they are entitled to their opinion. The question is, why are you retiring it and what is your goal in making a change. If it's still operating, then why change it? Helluva amp for that money if you can find one to listen to that would be icing.


You could do a lot worse. Simple, anything by Marantz in your price range or have your old amplifier refurbished with new capacitors etc by an expert. If I remember correctly your amp has a number of internal 'plug-in' connections that should be cleaned.

Try that first and see if there's an improvement. Some amps of that vintage, if well designed, can be bought back to life by simple and relatively inexpensive means. However, many parts have moved on such as output transistors by companies like Sanken and potentiometers by Alps etc and are far ahead of what was available back then. The idea of using real instruments heard live as a reference, rather than your old amp as expressed here by another poster is valuable advice. For anyone to answer your question properly though you need to tell us what speakers you are running and what it is that makes you want to change over from your old Sansui.

I may improve upon the Energy's in the future for space limitations, I'm limited to smallish bookshelf speakersbut the Titanic is hard to beat without spending an arm and a leg. Re: Reason for possibly replacing old Sansui - Given its value and demand among vintage audio fans, I would probably be able to replace it with a decent "mid-fi" integrated amp without significant additional expense probably no expense at all.

Amply sansui 9090DB-9090,8080DB-8080,đang có tại Lượng Anh audio:0972958970-0944454505

It needs a little TLC from a professional now thorough cleaning and new lamps, maybe selective capacitor replacement. I can get this done quite reasonably. I don't have a strong emotional attachement to it, although I recognize its sonic qualities were are? I guess my dilemna is that I hear in some circles that nothing short of many thousands in expenditure will replace the sound and durability of the rehabbed Sansui whereas others insist that a decent "mid-fi" integrated amp will blow it away in terms of sound performance due to advances in audio technology.

You don't mention anything specific, but evidently you're hearing some things that make you think that the Sansui needs to be refurbished. If so, then that's what I'd do, assuming that you know of a competent refurbisher. Search form Search.

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Show Munich More Reports.Founded in Tokyo inSansui initially manufactured electronic parts, but by the s had developed a reputation for making serious audio components. They were sold in foreign markets through that and the next decade. Sansui's amplifiers and tuners from the s and s remain in demand by audio enthusiasts.

These amplifiers used a complex Feed-forward servo system which resulted in very low 2nd order harmonic distortion. Despite this success, Sansui completely failed to follow up with further mass market audiophile components.

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As the mid s arrived, sales were lost to competitors Sony, Pioneer, Matsushita's Technics. Sansui began to lose visibility in the United States aroundand then focused on manufacturing high-end components in Japan. The company began to manufacture high-end television sets and other video equipment, but ceased exportation. In the late s, the company's brand was used on video equipment manufactured by other companies. Its U. Sansui is thus a mere umbrella brand at present.

amply sansui 9090db

This radical change in Sansui's corporate identity has resulted in a notable change in its product quality as consumers now tend to consider Sansui a mass-market brand rather than a maker of high-end electronics.

Thanks to Wikipedia. Eight Deluxe. QS-1 Quad.We Buy Sansuis in almost any condition! Affordable Quality Restoration for your Sansui Classics. We have been restoring early Sansuis for over 6 years now. We have developed a reputation for quality and amazing sound. We know these early units inside and out. You can read many reports on our restorations on Audiokarma and Quadraphonic Quad. We offer restore services for the QRX, and the other Sansui X receivers, as well as other Sansui gear, specializing in units manufactured before We can also offer a range of modifications which will improve quad performance, as well as audio performance.

We also realize there are many people who would like to do this on their own. We figure we might as well help those who want to do their own, and for those who are not up to doing this kind of work, we will be more than happy to do it for you.

This section will also give a good idea of what is done to a to make it better than ever. We also recap, restore, and upgrade other units in the Sansui line.

We can do these smaller units at an amazingly low price, giving the owner a true audiophile quality unit, that will stand beside any modern amplifier. Other fav units are the AU and along with the and receivers. These are some of the best audio gear ever made. The is really just half of a and sounds like it. We can do many of these boards without your having to send in the whole unit.

Call or email to see if we can do yours. It depends on whether we have the same amp here to test with. Services that we offer, and prices — A rundown of what we can do for you and how much it costs.

Recap and restore of the QRX — Information you might find useful if you are contemplating a recap and restore of this great receiver. Secret data on the — For years a lot of technical data on the was secret, if you can believe that, in this information age.

Pretty well known at this point, none the less, here is all the secret data to the best of our ability. Contact us — How to reach us and where to send your gear. The first I restored. All mods. Fantastic sound. Unfortunately, I sold it. It is with great sorrow that we announce our founder, Jim Showker, passed away on Friday, March 30th, If you have any problems opening files please read the download FAQ. All files are provided under strict licence and reproduction without prior permission or for financial gain is strictly prohibited.

amply sansui 9090db

If you have additional documentation please consider donating a copy to our free archive. Login or register to post reviews. Reviewed Dec 19th, by fjvl.

Reviewed Oct 13th, by stanhilton This beast reproduces sound as near perfect as it gets. Reviewed Jan 14th, by j. Reviewed Sep 27th, by coolsc Impressive and beautiful, heavy and solid.

These are the words of this reciever. Inside, a technician's dream. Well done. Reviewed Sep 01st, by brbafk. Be careful with this thing, it is a boss. My uncle inherited one of these from a brother in law. Was rarely played and also kept clean by my aunt.

The sound quality is fantastic and this thing is so powerful it'll wake up your dead grandmother. Reviewed Nov 23rd, by cdwobb. Always wanted to buy the DB but out of my league cost-wise.

amply sansui 9090db

I just bought the QR receiver from an estate sale and want to thank you so much for this site as I also bought an Akai X reel to reel and found both operations manuals on your site Just love the stuff from the good ol days Thanks again, Cabowabo.

Reviewed Apr 01st, by pamikevintage. This machine has been giving me audio pleasure for more than 24 years so far Love it! Superb sound Reviewed Dec 11th, by Araca Congratulations and thanks for your fantastic site. Just bought a DB and Reviewed Nov 24th, by steward I bought mine about 9 years ago to use out in my shop. It worked great for awhile and then when into fault mode and never returned.

amply sansui 9090db

What a fine example of a high quality product that went over and above to make sure the customer was wowed. I was wowed when I got it, beat up veneer and all. It has sat in my office for 7 years, and I just now took it to someone to hopefully get it fixed. Like others on here I just couldn't throw it away. It is a symbol of a bygone era and, when working, sounds amazing. It will be in my office from now on with my 8 track, cassette, turntable hooked to it.


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